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Is COVID Keeping You from Suing?

The pandemic is frightening many Gulf Coast people from trying to collect the money owed them after being hurt at a business or someone’s home. These concerns have hit a particular type of injury law -- what we call “slip and fall.” Some examples are when a person...

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Fatality trends involving large trucks

Many motorists in Alabama get nervous when they travel alongside commercial big rigs. Considering these large trucks can weigh roughly 20 to 30 times as much as a passenger vehicle, this is understandable. Most fatalities in crashes involving large trucks are from...

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Termites, Storm Damage & Fraud

  The storm damage we have seen in and around Mobile can expose a major home problem – rotting wood that has been literally hollowed out by termites. The problem is so severe that reportedly some pest control companies have been rushing out to treat homes in the...

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#1 Question to LawCall

  Every week we take your questions on TV through NBC 15 LawCall, calls to our office or through our website. What do people want to know? Is it how to get out of jail, how to get the money to get better after an accident, or perhaps how to fight their landlord?...

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Suffering a TMJ injury in a car wreck

It's not uncommon for a car crash victim in Alabama to injure their temporomandibular joint. The TMJ refers to the joints that connect the jawbone to the rest of the skull. Injuring these can lead to serious difficulties talking, eating and yawning. How TMJ injuries...

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