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Month: May 2020

Customers, Masks & Alabama

  The big question is: should Alabama businesses make customers wear masks? It is not a question with an easy answer. It puts “what is right” against “what is legal” and leaves most business owners with unclear guidance of what to do. Here is the legal problem:...

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Car accident fatalities are increasing

While the number of crashes on Alabama highways has not risen significantly in the past several years, the number of fatal crashes has increased. In a two-year period, the total number of people killed in car accidents has risen 13%, and people are understandably...

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Jury Duty and COVID-19

  You will not receive a jury summons in Mobile County this May or June and probably July. The reason: there are not going to be any local jury trials for the next few months. One of the new realities of COVID-19 is social distancing, and courtrooms were not made...

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